TVN / Netflix. The apocalyptic K-Drama Happiness which stars Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik, is currently making headlines again after landing on Netflix this month. The thrilling zombie series which arrived shortly after the hype of the K-zombie series All Of Us Are Dead, is currently the top series in the Philippines for the second straight. Studio Dragon Corporation ( 朝鮮語: 스튜디오드래곤 주식회사 / 스튜디오드래곤 株式會社 ;中文: 工作室龙公司 )為韓國娛樂財團 CJ ENM ( 英语 : CJ ENM ) 將旗下電視劇事業部門獨立設置營運的電視劇綜合製作公司。 主要業務為電視劇製作、策畫與全球行銷。 Studio Dragon 已經在2017年11月24日透過IPO.

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